Thursday, July 9, 2009

It is to be 110 today! And what am I doing??? Standing at the stove making jelly!!! Yesterday I made grape and 3 berry. So far today I have made plum and tomato!!! Oh my gosh is tomato good! I put a few T of Tabasco in it. Yum!! I have strawberry peach and more grape to go. If I have enough jars I will make another batch of tomato!!!

Our garden is coming along! Have herbs and plants in it so far. This weekend we will build the compost shed. I can't wait! Russ built a lattice screen on to our bed so that the cucumbers can grow on it. This is so much fun! Now is we'd get a breeze from the North Pole! LOL.

I better go get the last mess cleaned up so I can start over!!!

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Ruth said...

I hope you get done with your jelly--they all sound really tasty!
I saw the forecast for you guys is supposed to stay VERY hot, so be careful out there!!
Love you!