Monday, August 17, 2009

It seems to never stop!

Got word today that Russ' brother Gerry will be having 2-3 bypasses tomorrow morning. Please everyone say a prayer for him and the doctors.

Still need prayers for my brother. He is taking radiation and chemo. He has been having trouble even swallowing and is losing more weight. The blessing in this is their pastor has made a roster and set a day for church members to drive him to his appointments. The whole 6 weeks is taken care of. How great is that?

Yesterday Russ got me a new nice sweatsuit for winter. I tried it on and of course the pants were too long. He just looked at me and said"now you can do a Cindy". For you who don't know, Cindy tripped on her PJ pants and broke her wrist! LOL He is just too funny!

WE have baby eggplant! and I do mean baby. It is only about 1 1/2 inches long! Everything is blooming and growing. So much fun!!!
Gotta go, Love ya all


mrsb said...

Prayers said and fingers crossed.

Don't trip on your pants!

12-arrows said...

i'm glad i bring humor to your day. lol still praying for uncle amos, and its awesome about his church family helping too. thats a true bodt of christ. sorry about all the typos using one hand as i'm rocking tori......also praying for uncle russes brother,,,,,,,,,,,,,,keep me posted