Sunday, August 9, 2009

It sure is green!!!

I just made my first batch of Peso. It may be my last!!! I had Russ taste it and all he said was that is nasty!!! So looks like Mike and I will enjoy it by our selves! Mikey will eat anything!!!

For those who know her, my niece Cindy had a fall and broke her wrist. This is not fun for her! I think she has 5 kids at home and one is a 2 year old!! Everyone say a prayer for her to get through this.

Also my brother is fighting oesophagus cancer! Six weeks of radiation and chemo. This is really rough as he will not be able to eat through most of it and have to be fed through the tube!!! He is 81 and can't afford to lose weight! Please say a pray for him and if you think about it sends some cards to encourage him!!! Thanks!

I don't know what is up with us. We have not ate dinner in 2 days. When it is time to cook neither of us are hungry. We each had a small sandwich at 7 last night. Guess we will get hungry sometime!!! LOL

I need to go check how the tree spraying is going. See ya later!!!

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12-arrows said...

awe thank you that was just so sweet of you..I love you and I'm praying for Uncle Bud. He's such a great guy.........