Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I feel like a turkey!!!! STUFFED!!!

We just had the best dinner! I made a baby spinach salad with fresh mushrooms, bacon, red onions and mandarin oranges! The dressing was so good! Russ made steak on the grill with grilled mushrooms and I made these baked potatoes I found the recipe for. They are called Hasselback potatoes. Lots of garlic, olive oil and fresh rosemary! We have left overs to make into fried potatoes! Yum!! I love it when new recipes turn out good! LOL

WE are having fun with the hummingbirds. Russ had 5 out there today. He can stand by the feeder and they act like he is not there. What is funny is the dogs run all the big birds out of the yard. They never bother the song birds or the hummingbirds. Russ has done everything he can to keep the squirrels out of his pecan trees. Dude has taken it up and now runs all the squirrels away! I hope he never catches one. The squirrels are bigger than he is!!!
Don't know if my heart is acting up again or what. I have been having shortness of breath and light headedness again. It could just be that I need to lose 50 pounds!!! I have an appointment at the heart doctor on the 30th. I have a feeling I will be getting a stress test and an echo! Fun Fun! You all stay young, these 60s are for the birds!!!

I can't believe this cool weather! It has only been in the mid 80s this week and down to upper 60s at night! Too bad we have 57% humidity. It is kicking my butt!
Tonight is the final of Big Brother, tomorrow, Am. got talent. At least Thursday starts Survivor. I am a reality show junkie!!! LOl

Think I'll go put on my PJs and then go fix a cup of tea! I have a good book to read until it is SHOW TIME!!!

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