Monday, September 14, 2009

Laundry Every where!!!!

Boy, did I goof!!! When I was grocery shopping, they were out of my usual laundry soap so I just grabbed what I thought was the liquid like the powder I buy! Was I wrong! Russ kept feeling really bad, sneezing, runny eyes! Well I had bought scented soap! He has to have the free! I have to use scent free soap and Bounce!!! So today I have to wash all his clothes, towels and sheets! Lordy, I hate laundry anyway and this is HUGE!!!! It will take all day!!! That huge bottle will go to Trice's house. With just her there it will last her months!!!

This week end we had the first okra out of our little garden! It was so good. I sliced it, dipped it in egg then cornmeal and fried it! The only problem was there was not enough!!! I can't wait until spring to plant a real garden!!!

Well, Russ is out of the shower so I better get started on my mountain! Have fun today while I am lost in the utility room!!!

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12-arrows said...

oh I so feel for you and hope thatn today is a day free of from your laundry.....