Saturday, September 12, 2009

When it rains, it pours!!!

It started raining yesterday AM and has not stopped! We were in a severe drought, had wild fires and huge water bills! Guess what??? Now we have flooding!!! The town drainage is not made for this much rain! People have had to evacuate their homes!!! We live on top of a hill so we have no worries. Russ' rain gauge shows 6 inches in 24 hours. That is a lot of rain!!! Our grass will be a foot tall when it dries out!

Everyone please continue to say a prayer for my brother. He was feeling pretty bad for awhile. He had an infection but is on the mend. He is fighting this cancer as hard as he can. I pray every day that the Lord gives him strength to fight this!

Russ' little hummingbirds are so faithful. They are out on the patio feeding in the rain. There is nothing better than watching those little guys. They can always make me smile!

Russ just brought me a little bundle wrapped in a towel. Dude! He went out to potty and got soaked. He is sitting here on my lap all cuddled up in the towel. I love this pound puppy!

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