Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remember those browmies???

Well, the yummy brownies I made do NOT agree with me!!! I will never eat dark chocolate again!!! Give me the old fashion milk chocolate any time! I do not like so much potty time!!! LOL

Trice and I had a big day of shopping! Lol We were home in less than 2 hours! We walked the Mall, window shopped and had a chick fillet sandwich! Whoopy!!! I bought some cards to send to my brother, 2 paperbacks and came home!

Now Russ made a day of it!!! He had a morning doctors appointment, then to Jack in the box for lunch. After that he went to Lowes, then to Spanish class and on to Wal Mart!!! Makes me tired thinking a bought it!!!

He had to go to Lowes to by this metal pipe stuff! We have it on the pecan tree so the squirrels can't get the pecans. Well, the little devils have been climbing the peach tree in the side yard, jumping onto the roof and running to the back and jumping into the pecan tree. We put pipe on the peach tree last night. The only other place they could get is on a rose bush by the patio. It is very tall and they could get on the patio roof. That will get cut down if need be. We have babied this pecan tree for a few years. This is it's first year to produce. Russ is bound and determined to get a pecan pie this year!!!
I am off to climb the ladder and get my teapots down from atop the cupboards. They need a run in the dish washer! Then it is on to the dreaded dirty oven!!


Anonymous said...

My house is a sty after being down with my back the last few days. Bill has to work tomorrow, so I'll probably do a clean up day. Fun!

I'm jealous of your Chick-fil-a. We have to drive 40 minutes away to the mall for it. We get it about 2 times a year, when we have to go to the DMV, because it's nearby!

Anonymous said...

Oh, crap, it's me, Kris!!

I forgot to change back from my email to my blog log in, so I come up wonky!