Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I just made homemade brownies using dark chocolate cocoa!! It has a fuge icing you pour on the hot brownies! It is too die for!!! Russ and I sat out on the swing and licked the pan like kids!!! LOL

I finally bit the bullet this morning and went out and vacuumed my car and washed it! The windshield was so dirty I couldn't see out! It looked nice until I had to take Russ to pick up his truck at Dodge Country! I even go gas today! That is major! I never drive my car! I promised Russ I'd go someplace a coupler times a week so I can say I'm driving it! LOL Trice and I are doing lunch and window shopping at the mall tomorrow. If I find good sales I might even spend some money!! I HATE shopping!

Russ has been using my computer the last few days. He has his turntable hooked up to it and has been downloading old LPs to it. He will then make them into CDs. A lot of this is 50 and 60s music! He even has old Big band music. Pretty neat!!The one in front of me now is Johnny Mathis greatest hits! Chances are is one of my all time favorites. Russ bought me this album when we were dating!!!! It is in High Fidelity!!!! LOL
I guess I better go fix dinner so we can eat brownies!!!! Love ya all

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12-arrows said...

Aunt Enid...have I told you lately how much I love you? I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, though I don't post often enough, I read them all! You are a blessing to me and I visualize all you are doing in my mind! You crack me up!!!!