Friday, January 29, 2010

I had a really bad day yesterday. i looked at my hand and discovered I had lost my wide wedding band. I have looked high and low and can't find it. My hands are always freezing so I guess it just slipped off. The first thing I did was put my diamond and small band in the jewelery box. Sure don't want to lose them too.

Russ has been under the weather for a couple of days. He went top bed at 5:30 yesterday and has been really taking it easy today.

Trice and I worked all after noon on a scrap book we are making for the newlyweds. It is going to be really cute, I have my office turned into a craft room!!! Next want to start one of old family pictures. I have enough pictures to make dozen different albums.

It is really cold out!! We still have lots of water standing from last nights rain. Hope the roads are clear when Mike has to drive home from work.

Think I need to go put on a sweater. You all stay warm!!!

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