Sunday, January 31, 2010

I need everyone to say a prayer for my brother. He is in the hospital and has fluid retention. It has went into one lung which is not good when you have cancer! He is very tired of fighting this. At 82 you just don't have the strength.

Today I am going to start with the jelly/jams again. First off is orange marmalade for Russ, then Lemonade and then 5 pepper for me!!!!( love the hot stuff with meat!)I have stuff for peach, blueberry and grape to do another day!!!
Our garden seeds are germinating!! We have cucumber, squash, red onion, and others a couple inches tall. Glad I bought plenty of small pots to put them in!!! Have bunches more to plant. Have to wait until it warms some to go out in the shed and get Russ' special dirt!!!

Need to finish my hot chocolate and go wash jars! Wish me luck on these new recipes!!!!

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12-arrows said...

thanks for the update on Uncle Bud! your jellies sound yummy!