Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good morning!!! I will start with 3 prayer requests!!!!! 1. My brother got home from the hospital yesterday and is still very weak. He needs top regain his strength, he is still having problems with getting around. 2. I talked with my sis in AZ yesterday and she had the crud which has settled in her lungs. She has been pretty sick with this. At 83 1/3 she doesn't need this. 3. My Kris also has the crud in the lungs. She sounds terrible! When she has it this bad not only does it hurt in the chest from coughing but her back is like on fire. She has had ribs removed on her back and that leaves the lung area pretty much a problem there too.

Russ and I are plugging along. This cold weather is really getting old. We are suppose to get snow and rain tomorrow evening. This is the pits!! It is suppose to be time to plan gardens here in 3 weeks!!! That ground needs to warm up!!!

The grandkids in Houston are buying their first home. They can't wait! They are now living in an apartment where they can't have her dogs. Guess she has 2 big ones. Her parents have been dog sitting!

We had our taxes done and sent Kris an email telling her we donated in our name to the IRS for her birthday. YES we owed again!!! Russ retirement is a few $ too much so we have to pay taxes on a part of the SS. Here we go again, paying taxes on what we paid before. Tax money on top of tax money. Some how doesn't seem fair!

Today is my day to deep clean the dining room. I have to clean out the hutch. The bottom is a mess. Things just seem to get shoved in there. I think a bunch will get filed under trash!!! We have 2 drawers in it. One for Russ and one for me. His is very neat and nothing much in it. Mine is over flowing. I looked yesterday and what is in there is mostly not mine! No wonder his is neat! LOL

Guess it is time to get some breakfast and take my handful of pills! Ya all stay warm and be careful in that snow!!!

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12-arrows said...

LOL I love the part about your drawers in the diningroom, made me laugh! cute real cute.

Thanks for keeping update about Uncle Bud. I so appreciate it too!

Love you!!!