Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cindy said she didn't know Russ was in Special Forces. Well, He wasn't!!! He was in a group called MacV Sog. It was Operation and Intelligence. A lot of what he did was the same as SF. He wore no rank, unit patches or name tag., carried no ID. If captured the US didn't know him. He worked with Vietnamese teams that got dropped into bad places like Laos and Cambodia. I can't really tell you a lot as i still don't know a lot. I do know that I'd go weeks with no letters. I just thought he was lazy! LOL I had no idea what he was doing until he came home. He was in the Army and has the Air Force Air medal. That is crazy!!!


Ruth said...

Wow! that picture takes me back a few decades!!!

12-arrows said...

both Den and I said, "WOW" Sweet! thank you for sharing that. I would love to sit down with him sometime and just listen to his stories. We have a friend who was in Vietnam, he rarely shares anything but once, while we were all on vacation together, he shared quite a bit and we all sat there mesmerized not saying and word and hoping he wouldn't stop!