Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ruth's weekly garden report!!!

Today is garden report!!!Some things are going great guns and others not so well. We have 12 baby yellow squash on 2 plants and lots more flowers!!! The zucchini has a couple on and lots of blooms. Cucumbers are starting and yesterday I picked two green beans!! I flash froze them waiting for the zillion on the plants to get big enough. There are 12 tomatoes on the plant on the patio. The other plants are not doing as well. The pepper plants are awful! Seems they aren't doing well for anyone around here. We are going looking for more today. I was always told peas were a bust here and they were right! Ours are spindly and I think there is one pea on them. The carrots and onions are doing beautiful!!!

Please say a prayer for Russ' brother. It was first thought he'd be home today but they are keeping him for more tests.

Ok, I am going to admit something here. I am a great fan of Brett Michaels and he is in critical condition with a brain bleed. I don't listen to his music but I did watch him on the Rock of Love. It was not a very nice show but I enjoy seeing dumb women make fools out of them selves!!! LOL I have been watching him on the Apprentice on Sundays, He has childhood diabetes and his ex called and said his daughter was being tested after symptoms. He cried and was so upset. It was heartbreaking. Besides that he has blue eyes to die for!!!! LOl

Forgot to tell you about the peach tree. It is so loaded that Russ has had to prop up a branch already and they are still 2 months from being ripe. I see lots of jam in my future!!!

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Ruth said...

I am envious fo all the fresh 'goodies' you are already enjoying. We had frost on the car windows this morning!! Probably damaged a lot of early plantings.
Did I tell you that my cousin, Bryan Rinker (Harold and Merna) was disgnosed with leukemia a couple of weeks ago? He had his first chemo yesterday--and many more to go! He will turn 50 at the end of May.