Friday, May 14, 2010

Adventures of a Sleep Study!!!

Oh What a day!!! We started out by going the back way to Georgetown. When we got to I-35 we stayed on the access road so we could find Russ' motel that he had a room reserved! Well, we drove and drove, No Days Inn. We ended up all most to the next town. Turned around and went back over and under and still no Days Inn. The third time under and over I 35 I told him to stop at La Quinta and ask!! Well the Days Inn is no more, it is Georgetown Inn, just down from where we were. We drove over there, took one look, Russ went in and canceled his reservation! talk about dirty!!!! Soo we went under and over again, back to LaQuinta and got him a room.

Next we went to get dinner. Th guy at the motel desk told us a place to go called the Monument Cafe. I got a cheeseburger with sweet potato fries and Russ got a ham, bacon and egg plate special thing. The food was good and service was great! Well the bill came to $31 . I thought that was high but paid it and left a Very Good!!! tip on my debit card. ( the waiter was a cutie!! LOL). We went out and started getting in the truck and the waiter came running out the door. He said he thought he gave us the wrong bill. He took my card in and came back with a $21 bill for me to sign. I was amazed, most would not have bothered. ( yes, I checked my account and all I was charged was the 21 + tip!) Made my day!!!

Then I was off to the sleep clinic! Oh my gosh! I went in put on PJs and the fun began! I sit down and she starts measuring my head, then making markings all over my head with a sharpie!! Then came the leads! I had wires all over my head, forehead, behind my ears, under my chin, by my eyes, on my chest and legs. I'm just glad there was no lightning!!! Then it was try on masks! That was really fun! NOT! Ok, she says see that thing up there? It is a camera, I will be watching your every move. All I could think was 'what if I want to scratch my butt?" Then she tells me to go to sleep. Right! Well, i finally go to sleep and 2 1/2 hours later she hooks me up to this machine that blows air up your nose. If you open your mouth you are sucking air! not fun. Guess what i sleep with my mouth open!!! Soo, here she comes in with a chin strap to keep my mouth shut! If you know me, you know that did not work!!! I had that off pretty darn quick!! So, by this time, I just sat up in bed and read with air blowing in my nose!!! LOL

The end of the story is Russ picked me up at 5:45, we drove home, I took a shower and went to bed 3 hours. Mike bought a scratch off and won 50 bucks so he got Korean food for dinner. By that time I was in no condition to cook so God bless Mike!!! I had a very early night and still today I feel crappy! End of story!!!

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