Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ok folks! I am packed and ready to go!! I am so NOT looking forward to this! Instead of PJs I am taking knit shorts and a T shirt. The way I toss and turn I would be showing more than I want to in PJs. At least I get to take my own pillow, that is a plus!!! Russ and I both can have no caffeine from noon today!!! I am drinking my Diet Coke clear up to the minute!!! At least I can drink a coke at 6AM tomorrow. Russ can't until after his stress test. That is really stress for him. No coffee for 18 hours!!

Well, summer is here. I broke down and we are using AC. I hate it but it is stinking hot here. 90s in May means 100s in July! We have to water the garden every day.

Of my gosh! we had fried yellow squash last night. Picked right out of the garden! It was so good! We have baby zucchinis growing now, and baby cucumbers. The egg plant is blooming so will have them before long!!!

I have to get my recycle together so I better get my butt busy!!

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