Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good Morning everyone!!! I am finishing off cooking this morning! I have cucumber and onions made this AM and potatoes on for salad. I made everything else yesterday. Russ did a brisket and pork roast yesterday so he would get to visit today and not work.

Trice and I made Danielle a wedding scrapbook for her birthday. It turned out so nice and we gave her all the left over "stuff" so she could add to it. It has gotten me back in the mood to finish some of the grandkids. I had started years ago. I did Chrystian's first 6 years. It is so cute! I had lots of pictures of him. I have quite a lot to do Anthony and Anna's but no so much for Joe and Maddie. Kris just didn't send that many.

I guess we are going to make the trip even if it takes 4 days to get there! LOL I now have to get organized! Normally I'd be 3/4 packed by now! I don't even have my lists made yet!!! I do have my pills all set up for the time we'll be gone. That took half a day! LOL

Anyway, the bills are paid, the dog food bought, the kids have free use of the freezers so all is ready here! If they just take care of the garden!!!

Russ' nephew had to go to Ft. Worth to pick up a load for his truck. He will be back this morning and then probably leave Tomorrow night. He has to be in MN Tuesday. He was suppose to go to the Rodeo with Mike last night. Anthony and Danielle went instead. Maybe they will get to Wild Country tonight for some dancing.

Well, Russ is cleaning up my mess so I better get in there! Happy Memorial Day!

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