Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good Morning!

It is 5:45 in the morning, why the heck am I up!!!

Russ nephew Mark was to get here yesterday but he couldn't get his truck unloaded in Waco until this AM. He will be here this morning and is staying for the weekend. Him and Mike are planning a trip to Wild Country Saturday night for some C&W dancing!!!

We just may have to cancel our trip to IN and NJ. Russ is having a time right now with his polymyostis. If it doesn't ease up soon, there is no way he can drive that far. His health comes first above anything else.

Trice and I scrap booked all day yesterday. We are making a surprise for Danielle's birthday. Sat. We are having a cook out for Danielle, Mike and my birthdays. Miss Anna was to celebrate her birthday too but she won't be home from college until Tues. or Wed. She is finishing up an accelerated course. I am sure proud of the two granddaughters in college. Ann had straight A's this time again and Danielle had A, 2 A-, & a B. Not bad for a girl that got married, bought a house and works full time!

I guess I better get moving. I want to get my stuff done before Trice gets here to finish our project. Then it is on to the menu for Sat. Mike and Trice can help cook this time as both have the day off! Hurrah!!!!

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12-arrows said...

busy busy busy! I sure hope Uncle Russ gets better so you can come! but I totally understand too; definitely health comes first!!