Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Memorial Day weekend!!!

I had a hot time Saturday!!! I spilt boiling water all over the front of me!! I spattered my face and have a blistered lip! My chin and neck are sore and my chest is still fiery hot!!! I was very lucky!!! Bet I don't do that again!!!

We had a good time with Anthony and Danielle. They are good kids and we really enjoy them. We had too much to eat and a good birthday !

Yesterday Mike came in after Mark spending the night at his house. Mike said there is something wrong with Mark. He kept me awake all night with him going to the bathroom. ( Have to go through Mike's room to the bath.) Well, Mike pulled out his diabetic blood tester. Mark's was in the 450 range! That is really bad! Mike tested me, I was 120. So, we have family alerted to make sure he sees a Dr. when he gets home!!!

We got the suitcases out, and I have mine mostly packed! I am starting the notes for what to take, what the kids have to do and etc. Still have to pick up some meds yet. Russ still has 2 doctor appointments before we can leave.

It is 7:30 am and I have a bowl of strawberry-peanut butter M&Ms sitting here I want to eat! LOL I think I am addicted to them!! I really need to go fix some breakfast!!

I have been making lists of people I want to look up in the libraries at F'ville and Monon. I really need to work on theAllen book while I am home. There is lots to do on it!

Well people, I better get busy! Mark is leaving today so I need to get them fed!

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