Thursday, September 16, 2010


I had an appointment with the cardiologist at 5:30 tonight. just got there and sat down when we were told the doc was at ER trying to save a life and all appt. had to be rescheduled. Soo we stopped at Jack in the Box and got dinner. (To go) We got home and 15 minutes later we got to eat. We had a sick pup on the living room rug. The Vet changed Bo's food and he is not doing well on it!!!
Russ has his Special Forces uniform ready for in the morning. He is helping in putting up the POW-MIA wreath at Darnell Army Hospital.
I baked Mike a tomato soup cake today. They are having a lunch tomorrow and no one believed there was such a thing. He also has to take 3# of cooked spaghetti noodles. Someone is bring home made spaghetti sauce.
I got all kinds of crap at the allergist Monday. Nose spray, an Asmanex inhaler and a Ventolin inhaler.I had a test to see what I am allergic too. Trees and more trees! Just about every tree!
The worst was cedar, knew that, and Mesquite! The one thing that Russ uses to smoke meat!! The Dr said the smoke was just as bad as the tree. I told him what the red neck neighbor burns and he said he needs committed! Lol
We folks, I am going to kick back, watch a little TV eat a little ice cream and go to bed. Here's to a better day!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fun(!) and full day, although Jack in the Box sounds like a good alternative to coming home and cooking. that's one chain we don't have around here!!
I have an eye appt after work; I know I won't be able to read when I get home after having my pupils dialated--just getting started on a good mystery, too!! Oh well, it will have to wait.
Tale care! Ruth

12-arrows said...

oh your days are so full! never ate at a Jack in the Box and we don't have them or Chick Fil A here! So what will Uncle Russ use if he can't use mesquite? is there an alternative? Love you two!!!!!