Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Are you all as fascinated by the miners rescue as we are? I hated to go to bed last night.
Today's biggy was cleaning my bath from floor to ceiling. I even washed the dreaded blind!!! I don't know how a little room can get so dirty!!!t was
Our first time to pay our property taxes came!!! It was always in the house payment before. I sure hated to write that $760 check!!! I shouldn't complain. Texas has the lowest taxes around!
Russ went to Lowe's today and got some more 'stuff" to finish the back yard for winter. That means work to me!!!
Oh My gosh!!! Russ just started yelling for Mike! The dogs had been Playing and Bo ran under Russ' bed and got stuck!!! Mike had to lift the bed up to get him out!!! It was too funny!!! Poor Bo didn't think so. Dude smiled the whole time!!! LOL
The tips of my fingers are so sore. I have been embroidering and pushing that needle tears up my fingers. Making some pretty things tho.
Well, I best get my shower and get ready for a little TV.

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