Saturday, October 16, 2010

Here it is Sat. already!!! I don't have much to say. All I have done is weed, mulch and paint boards. Well throw in washing, cooking and cleaning in there too. I have a little more tomorrow afternoon and I am done for winter!!!
I did take time yesterday to bake some cup cakes. I had 4 half empty cans of icing in the frig, I told Russ to buy a cake mix that tastes good with chocolate. He came home with lemon. It really taste good. I liked it better than the creamed cheese. I also pickled 3 big jars of peppers. Our pepper plants are going crazy!!! We have peppers of every kind!! We have kohlrabi and carrots coming up too.
I have been embroidering Christmas gifts and the tips of my fingers are almost bloody. Guess I need to look for a thimble.
Today was a day of sad news. We found out Russ step cousin, Gene Pearson, had passed and then a friend, Nancy Meier, had passed. She was the sister of a friend of Russ' and I used to baby sit her kids When I lived in Monon.
Well, i need to get things cleaned up. It is almost bed time!!! Sleep tight!!!!

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