Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ok, As I cooked tonight the men in the house thought I should put food pictures on FB like my daughter!! So after it was put on the table, pictures were taken. This recipe was a new one taken out of a magazine I got in the mail! It was Meatball stroganoff. Now I make Yummy Beef Stroganoff all the time. This was So bad!!!! It had mustard in it and that is all you could taste. I am feeling rocky so Mike and I prepared for 1 1/2 hours. Russ even rolled meatballs. Too many hands in the pot??? No just a bad recipe!! LOL Kris I won't be rivaling in the gourmet pictures.

Russ says I am going to the doctor tomorrow. We shall see! I just wish I'd start feeling better. I have back pain and very short of breath. Guess it is lungs or heart. Or maybe just old age???????

I did clean the garage yesterday. Russ had the back of the truck full to take to Goodwill. How do we get so much junk?? I now have the bike and treadmill out again so Russ can work on MOVE! I know he wants to lose some weight before next month.

Russ has been helping in sessions on post traumatic stress at the VA center. They are starting meetings for wives, Russ told the guy running it he didn't know if he wanted me to be there! LOL I am very out spoken on the subject and have no time for whiners!! These women have no idea how well they have it!!

Guess I better watch Nancy Grace and cool my heels! Love you guys!


12-arrows said...

well from the pictures you can't tell your gourmet meal was bad, because it looks amazing! So sorry your still not feeling well! no matter how bad one feels, though, you still keep on keeping on. You amaze me Aunt Enid. . . .you never stop! I love your work ethic!!!! just make sure your taking care of

mrsb said...

It sure *looks* good!

If Dad says you need to go to the doctor, you best GIT! lol!

12-arrows said...

I forgot to add that even though your dinner was not so tasty; the dish its served on sure adds color!