Sunday, January 30, 2011

It is so beautiful out. 70's the last few days! Russ has been doing yard work and yesterday we cleaned out the storage shed. Butttttt Tuesday out 70's are gone. We are getting an Arctic freeze. We will be in the teens for 3 days with wind chills 0 or below! Wed. we may get freezing rain with snow mixed in. Only in Texas!!!

The 1st Russ and I are going to try a diet. Since we both have grown in reason years, we need to lose some of it. Boy does it cost to diet! My grocery list is doubled!! We are going to walk on nice days and use the dreaded bike and tread mill on bad days. I have very little will power so we shall see!

Anna is off to Boston tomorrow to see the guy she dated last summer who is home on R&R from Iraq. Hope she still likes him! LOL His parents invited her to stay in their home and are even loaning her Northern winter wear! She may be warmer there than here! LOL

Just saw Russ go by the window, then a frisbee go by! Bo must of finally talked him into going outside! Dude has it right, he is laying here beside me asleep!
Both dogs need hair cuts but think they will wait until after the freeze! Dude has to wear a sweater when it is too cold. He is just too low to the cold ground! He shakes like he is freezing to death.

Well, I best go eat and take my BP meds! Did I tell you I am So much better? I had no idea it was BP. I didn't know it could do that to you! Live and learn!!

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