Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another cold day here today!I was so glad this morning that I had gotten a new winter coat awhile back. It was warm and comfy early this AM when I want to git the echo. Oh, my gosh!!! I usually get my echo at Dr. Rebecca's office. This time it was at the main hospital! I thought that tech would push my boob out my back bone! It was so painful!!!She better have got good images. Dr. Sukamar is having a different cardiologist read it. We shall see what HE thinks!!!

Yesterday Russ went to Kohl's to get him an Espresso machine and also got me a Bullet Express Trio. It slices, dices, can make dough in it and has a juicer. Tomorrow I want to try the juicer. I made scone dough in it yesterday! He knew I was about to throw my food processor out the door. Love surprises!

This afternoon Mike was going to Wally World and ask if I needed anything. I told him a big fat candy bar. He knew that was a no no so he brought me the prettiest cup with a cute sock monkey sitting in it.

Had a great dinner tonight! A salmon burger, 1/2 cup carrots and 1/2 ounce of BAKED potato chips! Yuck they taste like cardboard! Just think how many chips we got!! Not very many in 1/2 oz! LOL

Think we will go to the Senior Center tomorrow and get our taxes done. ARRP does it for free. Every year since Russ retired we owe money. Always got a couple 1000 before. Just doesn't see right. Maybe next year we will break even with him being 100% disabled now.

I had tore my vacuum apart to clean it. I put it together , went in and swept the living room rug and none of the dirt went in the dirt container. Now I am wondering just where it went! LOL
Another great thing I screwed up!!! Oh well!

Think it pj time and a cup of something hot and a good book!

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12-arrows said...

you are a comedy of errors! Love it! that son of yours is an absolute GEM!!! whoever lands his hand in marriage will be one fortunate woman for sure!