Friday, February 4, 2011

I Am So Darn Cute!!!!!!! He is sitting on the back of Russ' chair wearing his argyle sweater!!! Another night of this freezing temps. Hopefully tomorrow will be warmer.
I hate our teadmill. It is old and hard to stay on. This morning Mike braved the idiot drivers and went and got me an Elliptical.
I can't wait until he has it put together! I really need a heater in the garage as it is sooo cold out there!!!
I am so excited!!!!! We get to eat Chinese tonight!! Granted very small servings. 3 dinners will feed the 3 of us with left overs. I am getting tired of measuring.
The dryer is buzzing. Bye

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Ruth said...

The elliptical trainer always looks so easy on TV; hope you like it!!
that food measuring is a pain, but if it's working for you, then it's worth. Just give yourself a treat once in a while to satisfy your craving and you won't end up bingeing!!