Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday!!!! The guys went fishing so I am enjoying an afternoon alone. I am watching America's Next Top model reruns and doing laundry!!!

I went to the Doctors today. The echo said my injection fraction is down to 35 again. 50 is normal. She said my lower pumper is slow to pump! LOL She said that is why I get so tired so fast on the exercise equipment and it would be better if I just stayed off! Doesn't break my heart!!!!

Miked helped me today fix my vacuum. It had a HUGE clog in the hose!! Took a man to get it out!! LOL. I sure got tired of that little one so glad the big one is fixed.

Did you watch the Super Bowl? The game was wonderful. Russ was one happy camper. The rest was so bad. That girl just was so bad and then The Black Eyed Peas should have stayed home. Even their costumes was bad. They all sure didn't earn their money.

Tomorrow I go for a pacemaker check! You all, I am about a two years passed when most people get their batteries changed. I still had a ways to go on the last check. I hate to go get it checked. The thought of having that place cut open gives me the creeps! I still hate to touch it. When i shower, I was there in a wadded up cloth so i don't have to feel that hard lump in my chest! LOL

The diet is still on! Tonight is a TV dinner. Some Healthy Choice thing. That and a cup of soup, a whole wheat tortilla and some cantaloupe. Well, I forgot to buy more cantaloupe so it will be blueberries! Mike won't be happy. There is broccoli on the dinner. He isn't crazy about broccoli without cheese on it. Sorry no cheese!!! LOL

Well, time to stick the last load in the dryer. More later......

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12-arrows said...

you go girl! I'm so proud of you three for sticking to that diet! its much easier too when you see the results and so quickly! Love you and praying all goes well with the drs.

Seriously would like to know how much they paid CA for butchering the National Anthem!!!!