Thursday, February 10, 2011

I went to my pacemaker check Tues. I had these two good looking guys in to test my pacemaker. Well, as soon as they hooked me up, they unhooked me!!! My battery was so low they couldn't test me. The doctor set the surgery to replace the whole thing on next Tuesday. Well... About midnight I woke up to an alarm. Thought it was my b-pap so I shut it off. 10 minutes later it went off again. This time the dogs are going crazy. It finally dawned on me, I was going off! It was my defibulator saying my battery was in the lowest it can go. Well every 10-15 minutes all night long, I went off. The dogs went crazy and Russ finally got up and stayed in the livingroom so he could just leave the back door open so the dogs could get out whenever I rang!!! LOL I called the doctor this morning and he change my surgery for 4:00 today. I got a glass of apple juice and a piece of dry toast for breakfast and can drink water until 12. Bad day!!!

I am setting here in pj pants that I haven't been able to get my fat booty in for 2 years!!! I have lost 9 pounds so far!!!I can really tell in my stomach. I told Kris this morning I didn't want to go crazy with weight lose. Everyone I know who lost lots of weight looks 10-15 years older. The wrinkles all show!!! LOL Just kidding! I just want to be able to wear a size 14 by summer. That would be a good start. 2 pants sizes isn't too bad. My goal is a size ten. I know I'll never be a 0 again in this lifetime!!!!

If I didn't have a bunch of laundry to do, I;d go back to bed and sleep until I need to be there at 2. I have a head ache, I'm tired and hungry. I'm never hungry in the morning unless someone tells me I can't eat!! LOL
The electric just flashed. Got to go.

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