Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tales of Red Necks!!

The door bell rang awhile ago and it was the red neck neighbor!! He had 2 five gallon water jugs with him. He said he need water to do dishes and flush the toilet. All his pipes in his house froze and broke. The ceiling in their dining room fell almost on them.
He had his water running but without furnace heat the walls were so cold that the pipes froze! He has insurance so at least that is covered.

Well, we cheated on our diet last night. Mike ordered Chinese, which was on the diet. When he got there to pick it up, Miss Betty, the owner was there. She saw Mike and that was all it took. We had 3 times the food we ordered plus egg drop soup! When Kris was 19 she worked for Miss Betty as a waitress. Every time we see Miss Betty, she tells us Kris was the best waitress she ever had. And let me tell you she is picky. I think Kris had a whole week of training before she could wait tables.

I am trying to come up with low cal snacks for the Super bowl! I did find Sloppy Joes with Cole slaw that is in the diet book for dinner. We may just say the heck with it and have some good stuff. It all stems on if we really lost much this week!!! We will weigh in the morning!!! I want cream cheese stuffed jalapenos!!
Bet that isn't in the book!!! LOL

All the snow is gone but a little up around our porch. It is in lots of shade. Can't say I'll miss it!

Guess I need to make my bed and get dressed before anyone else comes over!

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