Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This is to let you know starting 1 May I will not be Blogging. Whether I will next fall is still up in the air. I figure while we are in Indiana, anyone who wants to know what we are doing can come visit!!! LOL There is always FB. We went to Georgetown yesterday to see the sleep doctor. Since we were there we stopped at the place we bought our RV. We needed to order a couple things. I did spme shopping in there store and picked up some stuff that wasn't on our list! LOL After we got home we had to take stuff out to the RV. It included Russ having to repack the hold!!!He is getting real good at putting a lot of stuff in a small place!~ He also put carpet covers on the steps. That sure makes a difference!While we (he) worked hard, I sat in the recliner and watched ANTM on Dish!!! I have the inside about finished! Just have to load clothes and a few more groceries. I still have a few things to do here at the house! I want to leave it cleaned for Mike. We are shutting off our 2 bedrooms and Russ' office so he won't even have to go in them! Lot less for him to keep up with! Tomorrow is Russ' 70th birthday!~ Where has time gone?? Seems like yesterday I met this cool guy with a DA, long sideburns wearing pegged jeans and a white T with the sleeves rolled up and a cigarette pack in the roll! LOL He was driving this cute 51 Ford and he made my heart flutter!!! Almost 53 years later he still does!!! Happy Birthday Russ!!!

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